WHOLE wheat flour "Duca di Frassino"

WHOLE wheat flour "Duca di Frassino"

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STONE-ground WHOLE wheat flour "Duca di Frassino"

The Frasinese soft wheat is an ancient native variety of Abruzzo, typical of the valley areas, suitable for organic cultivation. Its tall stem that can reach even one meter in height, allows it to compete with weeds and to suppress them naturally.

The fertilization of our soils takes place with green manure of leguminous plants, following the "rotation"
agraria" and the "minimum processing", and without resorting to synthetic chemical fertilizers and especially herbicides.

From its stone grinding you get a flour not very tenacious but with an intense and decisive taste, highly digestible and also suitable for gluten intolerant but not celiacs.

100 Items
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